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Man with jetpack

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unlock your potential
Our marketplace, credit rating system and expert advice is customized to your individual needs, so you can get back running your business.
Grow businesses
We provide funding fast that SME’s can grow their businesses fast and flexible.
Fast decision
SME’s can apply in minutes and get a decision in hours.
Stay in control
No equity and no personal guarantee required as collateral.
Flexible terms
No fixed repayment date. SME’s only repay us when they generate sales.
We don’t like hidden fees. SME’s know all the costs upfront with our simple pricing.
Flexible finance with merchant cash advance (MCA)
We automatically review past and live data and uncover performance trends.

Seamless integration and automated analysis, identifying opportunities and problems have never been easier. We focus on partnering with leading financial and marketing applications, accounting software providers and payment providers.

Example: Simon’s coffee shop sells CHF 25k of its future credit card sales to MidFunder in exchange for a one-time CHF 20k cash payment.
Loan types
With MidFunder you can find the small business loan fits best for your needs
Cash advance
Borrow against your future revenues to get cash now.
Short term loan
Flexible business financing with 1-3 years term.
Accounts receivable
Get your account receivables in advance.
Business acquisition
Get a loan to buy an existing business.
Equipment financing
Finance any business tool you need.
Business loan
The classic way to boost your small business.
How it works
Digital journey
Fill in the application form and upload supporting documents through web portal or mobile app.
We gather all the necessary info from banking and tax statements, aggregated from leading financial apps integrated via API.
User information will be compared against trends to evaluate performance of the SME in real-time.
Receive funding and manage instant payments.
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Peer to Peer Lending
on MidFunder
For full disclosures, statistics, and access to download peer to peer lending data
We start with the same information banks or other P2P lenders use, but we also consider the current situation of the businesses, bank statements, market trends, educational and other variables to develop a statistical model of the applicant’s financial capacity and personal propensity to repay.
Our underwriting model leverages state-of-the-art machine learning techniques with thousands of data points to assign each borrower an APR based on their modeled likelihood of default. We verify each applicant’s identity, credit history and academic credentials using a combination of automatic and manual methods.
2 years
In business
Credit score
100k CHF
ideal customer
3+ years
In business
Credit score
300k+ CHF
Let’s see if
you are a match!
Why MidFunder
Start investing and grow your earnings
It’s fast and easy to invest with MidFunder. You simply verify your identity, deposit money and start investing in small and medium-sized businesses and grow your earnings.
Our partners
A revolution isn’t easy, it needs partners. We are happy to work with:
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About us
We revolutionize business lending with providing finance for everyone.
It takes a lot of money to create a big idea
But banks reject 80% of small business loan applicants. Most giving up their big visions for ordinary ones because they can’t get the funding they need. We’re creating a new world for business owners. We’re helping them get loans in order to get their business running. We are creating thousands of future jobs and boosting the economy. And that’s why we do what we do, every day.
Meet the team
Patrick O.Frei
Patrick has built a successful career in finance as a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Centurium. He knows the world of B2B manging global teams and scaling businesses to profitability.
Pascal Schümperli
Pascal is a private banker with previous experience building, scaling and exiting startups. He is a serial entrepreneur and investor in several ventures and private equity deals.
Roger Umbricht
Board Member
Roger is a serial entrepreneur with previous experience in several startups and successful exits. Chairman Bubble Box (exit to Baloise), CEO Umbricht Ventures. Former MD of LG Capital and Board Member of MoneyPark (exit to Helvetia).
Greg Micyk
Greg has more than 20 years of experience in product and growth gained in startup and enterprise environment. Recently he has helped Finiata to raise 20M in funding and Capitalbox to grow their lending business across Europe.
Executive Mascots
Bentley & Teddy
Advisory Board
Bogdan Uzbekov
FinTech Advisor
Early employee at Revolut (Country Manager & Product Lead), Recently just raised $500M, valuing the company $5.5B. He was heavily involved in Revolut Bank in Europe.
Dr. Amir Konigsberg
Tech Advisor
Serial entrepreneur and a thought leader on topics relating to AI. Co-Founder of LegalUp and HourOne. Former CEO of Twiggle, an AI search company backed by Alibaba, Yahoo, and Naspers. Former strategist at Google. Ph.D. Princeton University.
Thomas Gmöhling
SME Advisor
Various CEO and Board Member positions of SME`s worldwide. Mainly in the metal manufacturing business serving markets as automotive, energy sector and construction. Also involved in startups, M&A and strategic consulting activities.
Martin Laub
Business Advisor
Independent senior advisor with more than 25 years of experience in strategy & operations management consulting at Accenture. A recognized value creator and team leader with a track record of delivering measurable results at speed.
Pierre-Yves Loertscher
Underwriting / Risk Advisor
Senior underwriter with PartnerRe. Former underwriting Manager with XL Catlin. Risk and underwriting experience with 22 year’s in insurance.
Norbert Cavegn
SME Advisor
Owner of Treuhand Kanzei AG. He is well known and historically established trustee in Switzerland and is therefore very well connected with SME’s. His competence and networking is locally and nationwide highly appreciated.
Careers at MidFunder
Banks are conservative. They owe us nothing. They watch us. They won’t support our small businesses. They have more money, more people, more processes. We are underdogs. We are innovate and smart. Every day is a new fight. Technology is our weapon. We identify opportunities. We focus. We execute. We can create a better way to finance small businesses and create a better world. That’s what we love.
Our values
We are like special forces. We operate in small and effective teams. We identify opportunities. We plan. We execute. We deliver. Fast. Precise. Inevitable. No corporate processes. No politics. We get things done. We are on a mission. We will change the world of business finance. Forever.
Identify opportunities, plan and execute. Invent and achieve great results.
We believe in power of people, creating something big together.
We play to win, whether it's sports, or getting that next loan executed.
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