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Funding for companies with recurring revenues

Grow your business

Fast and flexible funding for startups, small and medium sized enterprises.

Why MidFunder?

Simple, fast and non-dilutive capital

Getting access to working capital was for a very long time associated with banks and their tedious procedures, waiting times and, in most of cases, rejection. We’re are here to change that!


We understand that when you need working capital you need it not in 3 months, but now. With MidFunder you simply apply online and get a decision in 24 hours.


You cannot predict everything and we understand that you might need additional capital at the least expected moment. With us it's just one click away for you to grow faster!


You decide how much business data you want to share and we calculate the fee based on available information. The more data we have the lower your fee.

MidFunder products

Your business deserves choice

We are here to help you and find the best and most personalised funding solution for your business. It’s time to grow!

Traditional fixed term loan

You need funds to start growing your business? No problem, we can offer you traditional loans with equal monthly repayments.

You won't be surprised by hidden costs and you know from the beginning how much you need to repay.

Revolutionary revenue based lending

In case you want more flexibility as your sales might fluctuate, then we have another option for you.

Repayments are directly connected to your sales. When your sales slows down, so does your repayment.

How does it work?

Simple, fast and non-dilutive capital

MidFunder Heartbeat™

Focus on your business

We provide all our clients with a unique ability to look deeper into their business. Thanks to our Heartbeat dashboard you can predict inventory shortages, cashflow trends and opportunities to grow faster!

Fast and business friendly

Unlock working capital for your company in 3 simple steps

Provide basic information about your business, along with your contact details. We want to understand you and your business to provide best in class service.
Connect your accounts
Connect the sales, marketing & accounting software you are using on a daily basis. We will contact you with a funding offer within 24 hours.
Select your offer
Once we have all the information, we can provide funding offers with all the terms and conditions. This is the moment you start growing faster.

Flexible Repayment

Pay as you generate revenues

Our unique revenue share model allows you full flexibility. This means you only repay once you generate sales. No intransparent paperwork with hidden costs.

We take a percentage of your sales until borrowed capital plus fee is covered. In case your sales stops, so does your repayment. As simple as that.

Our clients

They trust us

Our clients are innovative entrepreneurs, that want to serve their customers as best as they can. In fact, it’s the very fundament upon which MidFunder was founded. Product market fit is our maxim. Keeping that in mind, we strive to provide the best performance for every client we work with.

Technology is our key

Integration and connections

We are on path to build an automated process by leveraging most popular data sources
Inclusive, not exclusive

Who we fund?

We have very simple eligibility criteria, which makes funding available to most of the companies.


Your sales has to exceed 10'000CHF / month (average for the last 6 months).


Your company has to be at least 3 year old and has a proven track record of growth and sales.


Your company has to generate some revenue via card terminal, eCommerce payment gateway or subscription service.

Frequently Asked Questions

MidFunder offers working capital with offers ranging from CHF 10k to CHF 1M, through a revenue share agreement. We charge a flat fee on our capital starting at 3% with repayments in line with monthly revenues, taken as a percentage of sales. This is not an interest rate. We don’t take equity, personal guarantees, warrants, or hidden fees. The amount accessible is based purely on your actual business performance.

About us

We are founders


Patrick O.Frei


Patrick has built a successful career in finance as a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Centurium. He knows the world of B2B manging global teams and scaling businesses to profitability.


Roger Umbricht

Board Member

Roger is a serial entrepreneur with previous experience in several startups and successful exits. Chairman Bubble Box (exit to Baloise), CEO Umbricht Ventures. Former MD of LG Capital and Board Member of MoneyPark (exit to Helvetia).


Pascal Schümperli


Pascal is a private banker with previous experience building, scaling and exiting startups. He is a serial entrepreneur and investor in several ventures and private equity deals.​


Greg Micyk


Greg has more than 20 years of experience in product and growth gained in startup and enterprise environment. Recently he has helped Finiata to raise 20M in funding and Capitalbox to grow their lending business across Europe.​

Our partners

A revolution isn’t easy, it needs partners. We are happy to work with: